Lisa Franklyn-Zaidi

Lisa Franklyn-Zaidi is the Chief Financial Officer of RFSwolf Entertainment LLC, a film and production company that produces socially relevant content for non-profits and various corporations. She graduated from Columbia University with a B.S. in Economics.

After graduating, she worked as a commodities trader and a research analyst on Wall Street in the early part of her professional career before becoming a marketing consultant.

Her work at RFSwolf has spanned over 12 years. She started part-time working the books before moving on to the creative end as a Production Manager/Coordinator for independent films, various television commercials, and several PSAs, including ones sponsored by the National Parks Service and NIH.

Recently, Lisa became a producer with a new collaboration with RFSwolf, allowing her to explore the realms of theater and reality television that positively impacts society. She is socially conscious and passionate about improving our world for the next generation.